Subnova is a fansite for games that don't suck, and much more. We have keen interests in programming, interesting news and current affairs, online comics, computers in general, and Cheerios. We grew out of the Bungie community (they made Marathon, Myth and some pithy game called Halo :) but have far surpassed our original programming.

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The Index is the hub of Subnova. The most recent news posts and the most recent forum posts are all displayed. There are also news feeds from various sites over the Internet that you can remove at your will. To post your own news items, click on the "Post News" link in the System box of the navbar down the right hand side of the page. These news items will be vetted by one of our admins for sanity, and made publicly available as soon as possible.

You can also post to one of our forums: the Public forum is for general gossip, the Commonality forum tends to be used for political or theological discussion (sounds heavy? its not!) and you have to experience the Mind Fire forum for yourself.

All new items, forum posts and submissions to the Library give you iRank points, which encourages healthy competition between our users. Because we have no scruples, you can even pay for iRank points, by using the PayPal donate button on every page. You don't have to pay a penny, but this place costs a packet to run and any contribution is much appreciated.

If you want to participate in our Hotline community (and you'd be mad not to, it's a great place), then please email and someone (probably me, it has to be said) will set up your account. You can find more info about Hotline here.

You can download a Hotline client for Mac OS X at our very own Have Blue's home page or you can download one for Windows by our learless feeder 3of9 (aka Deimos Fawkes) from our website. There are others available too, but I'm sure you can find them yourself.

All of this is just a taster of what Subnova has to offer. There's two online comics (.comic and Pants Pants Revolution), a host of webcams to watch, occasional surveys, and more is being added all the time.

So please, fill in the form, and join the fun that is Subnova. User participation is encouraged: some of our best content comes from ordinary members that join every day.