So I know many of you have already heard that the Halo 3 custom games menu is accessable in the beta. I've googled it a few times and only come across some poor hand-cam shots of TVs and incomplete, hard to follow lists of options. Now when I saw it, I went through all the options writing down the details and descriptions (when given) and organized it into (what I think is) a sexy, easy to follow layout.

I also emailed Bungie asking if they would write me back about letting me post it. I haven't heard either way, and I want to show off the way I wrote it up.

So what I'm asking all of you is should I put it up?

Let me know, 'cause I want to show it off ;-)

I also want you to show it off...

But I also want an official "yes, we won't make your ISP kill you" from The Man... or at least someone who's met The Man. Hell, someone who knows who The Man is now would be fine. :P

Doesn't a lack of answer give concent? Hell, I emailed them the html code I was using for crying out loud, so they could actually see how it would look, I also said I would be fine with "we don't want you to post it". But I get nothing at all, so I say that gives concent to go ahead, right?

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