Doesn't a lack of answer give concent? Hell, I emailed them the html code I was using for crying out loud, so they could actually see how it would look, I also said I would be fine with "we don't want you to post it". But I get nothing at all, so I say that gives concent to go ahead, right?

While I suppose not answering gives them plausible deniability, it is a large leap to assume that no answer implies unofficial consent, so, no. Remember that, historically, Bungie loves to control information related to their games; this adds to the mystery, doesn't fix them on a path, and prevents their fanbase from second-guessing them too much. (or, worse, complaining about things they shouldn't know about) As such, I could see why they wouldn't want you posting it; on the other hand, posting it would give people a tease on how fun the full game will be, without giving out too much.

On the other hand, all the information you're posting is technically available to people looking through the game's data files, except it's vastly more organized, as you had an interface to stare at. Even so, I'd still personally recommend that you communicate with them before posting anything, though.

Good work on being so methodical and dedicated to note down everything, though.

While I don't disagree with your points, I don't like hearing them either :-P

The interface is coming along too (it is obvious it isn't done) and thanks to a fellow enthusiest, I have screenshots of the interface I am going to add into the article right now.

I really hope I can show this off sooner rather than later, I don't want it to just stay there in the "hidden from public" area

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