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What I was going to say was, what do you think of the Halo 3 beta? Had lots of fun, or did you sit endlessly through the entire time biting nails and cussing out noobs? Got any exciting stories from the endless havoc we call the beta period?

I've only been playing with friends (more or less) so I've only had those "fun games". Playing with friends however has gotten more fun, as there seems to be more of that "couch" feeling they wanted you to have in Halo 2 and moved on with in Halo 3. Almost two days in a row me and two other friends sat in front of my tiney 19" PC monitor hooked up the 360 playing and consuming more coke (coka-cola) then what's good for our already coke-addicted bodies and simply... It was great. Halo 1 and 2 were good party games, but this was more fun then playing Wii with someone. Every little thing they've added to the game from Halo 2 made it more varied and exciting... The number of times me and a friend shot each other out through the mancannons on mongooses can't be counted, and when we got into Custom games... It was gaming heaven...

Later on, playing with people from Subnova and other friends on Live it has always been fun almost regardless of gametype and how much I sucked. Yeah, I like to save ammo which unfortunately doesn't seem to be a goal in Halo 3. I hope I can get some more games with everyone here in September, as my only regret from this beta period is not being able to play more games with the Subnova peeps.

So what about you guys?

I had a blast playing the Beta. When it was first announced that they were going to do that, I thought that while it would be fun, I wasn't about to go buy a game for $60 that I wasn't interested in to play. Then I got a F&F invite and it was over for me. I went out and bought a 360.

Like you Simen, I also only played with friends. It was crazy seeing some old names coming out of the past and back into XBL (though I cannot give them too much crap, I was doing the same thing). I enjoyed every game that I was apart of, even the ones that I got destroyed in.

I do recall one game that rocked. It was team slayer on snowbound. The reason I got this game stuck in my head was for the death grenade that I dropped near the ghost spawn. I had come up on two enemies and was getting hits on them but not enough to bring them both down before I died (and I know I was going to). In my last seconds, I dropped a frag grenade at their feet and then I died. In my death cam I saw my grenade go off and kill both of my attackers, netting me two 'death from the grave' medals and one 'double kill' medal. It was awesome.

I would have played the beta all the way to the end, but its is damn hard with only one hand that works ;-)

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