"Norway enters the 'break the street date' club
This was first reported to us by Thomas Wendelborg, but there's an article in English up now on Product Reviews Net (thanks, Avateur); a Norwegian game shop has sold at least 2 copies of Halo 3 to customers, so beware, as always, of spoilers. (Louis Wu 15:15:44 UTC)"

I looked into this, and found an article on a government funded gaming site who has contacted the PR manager for the chain that sold the copies. The article is here, but it's in Norwegian.

Because I've already gotten hate mail/comments because of this, I'll quickly sum up what it says:

Only five copies have been sold, and they are in dialog with the buyers. They have however no rights to demand them back, and will not so either. They say that the people buying the copies are serious gamers, who will not cause any problems. I assume they mean that they won't leak or spoil the game for anyone. They do not wish to tell who they five buyers are, and that they were sold by mistake. They are looking through their routines to see what went wrong, and fix it. They also feel it's unfortunate that Microsoft ships such high profiled games this early to the stores. Microsoft does not wish to comment the episode to

So... That's what happened, and it doesn't seem to be possible to buy copies anymore until the 26th. Oh well.

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