So, we were talking in #subnova the other night discussing the removable turret... and realized something that could be fun...

If you could also remove the turret from the hog, obviously this would disable the hog's offensive capability... but we figured out how to make it a plus...

The gun makes the hog heavier, so ripping it off the vehicle gives it a top speed boost. The other alteration is that no one can ride in the turret position, making it a 2-passenger vehicle.

What makes it different from the Mongoose, you ask?

It's better armored. You're less likely to get a lethal sniper shot.

What do you think?

To make the hog more aerodynamic you could take the turret off and re-design the area where the turret was to also make it more aerodynamic. You could also add bullet proof windows to the doors to make it more armored.

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