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i added amazon context links... just because i can... if they're not too obtrusive... i'll leave them

enabled mod_deflate on andromeda. the site is now seeing an estimated 80% reduction in overall size for clients to download

added an rss 2.0 feed for the news at http://www.subnova.com/news/rss/. it will show the 14 most recent posts

updated cq calculations so that if a member doesn't login to the website in the past 77 days, the contribution points start vanishing in a hurry... tanking the irank

removed the referral ads from the bottom of the main content area

ad-free viewing is now available to anyone with an iRank of 10 or higher... this rank can be achieved currently with something as simple as single approved news post

updated the monthly operating costs system so that it can be more easily changed as costs increase... i've updated it to reflect our additional costs of operation with our facility in second life

due to a recent surge of spam on the forums, despite several attempts to curb it (i really don't see why people think spamming this forum is going to get them anything)... i've made the guest account read-only. this means that if you want to reply or comment, you have to register

the video ad block for google ads has been changed into a floating (closable) block. the stargate ad has been removed since MGM has decided to continue SG-1 in feature films. the google video ads are actually bringing in a slight revenue, so they're going to be sticking around

the entire site is now on a new server, andromeda. this new machine is linux-based and hauls many much ass... only a hand-full of functions for iradio still remain on scythe. i also fixed some administrative functions on the forum. massive performance boosts across the board thanks to the new server

major backend upgrades... we're now on mysql 5.1 and we've upgraded our jabber server... this caused some problems for new registrants... inable to login to the website, and not being added to the commonality group in the jabber network... this has all been corrected and fixed

total overhaul of the iradio section... now supports any shoutcast-based internet radio server via a unified code structure... now fully integrated with the Tachikoma irc bot

fixed a bug that was causing pending payments/donations to show up on the donation counter... only completed transactions should have been showing

made a few more graphical and background tweaks to give the site a little more visual interest

thanks to a handy little inline-hack, we now have proper alpha-masked png support for ie users... this means some new graphical eye-candy in the pipeline... kicked off with the new swanky halo 3 banner at the top of the site right now... enjoy!

in a last-ditch effort to offer more incentive for people to contribute content to the site, i've made it so that if your iRank is 35 or higher, you can now turn off all ads on the site

the cq/irank system has been completely rebalanced and all the calculations and factors have been reworked to better show recent contributions to the system

added a progress counter for our operating costs::donations ratio... so you can see just how bad-off subnova currently is

changed the iRank cap back down to 50... that's why your color-code has improved

donations made via paypal from the button on the site (provided you're logged in) will now be automatically added to your cq for irank calculations

tweaked the indenting on the forum thread views... the absurdly long threads now fit better (yay)

new anti-spam countermeasures have been put in place... many bannings of ips have been made... many more to come

added 2 new features, the statistics and sessions pages linked to from the info box. in these pages, you can see numbers about how many people and spiders visit the site. if it turns out that most of our numbers are from search engine spiders, i'll start filtering the live data to get more accurate numbers for real visitors

the irc nav item no longer causes the entire site to load slow... it now makes sure searchirc is up before calling for the stats to be displayed

made a few tweaks to layouts and adjusted the ad system a little to see if it improves revenues at all

the forums have a new "mark all as read" feature at the bottom of the new unread posts header window... enjoy!

finally made new unread posts show up in a dedicated table at the top of the forums... this avoids the issues of posts that are on threads that are way beyond the current limits... next up... "mark all as read"

added a new subnova core webcam page and a auto-refreshing mini version on the nav bar... thought it would be fun to look at

the index now shows the last 14 news posts instead of the past 7... news was being buried too fast to see it... this is a good thing

news post authors can now edit their posts after they have been submitted... this means you can now preview your posts, as well as update them even after they've been approved... however, editing an approved post will make it go back into the queue for validation

a small adjustment to the rss parser has tamed the engaget and joystiq feeds on the Collective page... they now follow the rules and stop cutting in line

for those few of you who have the subanji font installed, i've toned down the level of its use on the site, restricting it to nav titles and the header bar

made the info nav item more helpfull to guests with a login option as well as a link to information on how to get a subnova network account

lots of random tweaks and adjustments made to the new collective feature... like listing what sites are assimilated and how old the news is and adding some more sites to the list

added the new "collective" page... aggrigates data from multiple websites to be viewed on a single page... lots of scrolling ahead

tweaked some of the css font size settings for improved layout and less clutter

added sticky-news priority level color-coding of news posts... yellow means high level, red means critical... blue is normal

added the bungieverse forum for discussion of all things bungie, including halo, oni, myth, marathon, pid, and gnop

added a java client for the jabber system so that people can chat from public access terminals... and users can create site accounts without having to download a jabber client

looks like ToyRocket may be out of stock on the Subnova Spartan figure... so i've removed the ad for it for now

due to subnova only bringing in about 1% of the past 6 month's costs... i've enabled slightly more blatent ads... if other funding methods improve... the ads will go away

partial image rendering support has returned to the library... many articles now have their images once again... some don't, due to old-style paths that aren't supported yet... that will happen after i take a nap

fixed a random bug that popped up that was preventing guests from accessing some areas

the snow script was causing too many problems... it's now gone

added a user counter

the seeker is back... it pwnz j00

lots of cosmetic changes made due to the subanji update... also fixed some silly bugs in the library code... iranks were also adjusted due to an oversight... the irank color-coding cap was raised from 50 to 60

subanji now requires downloading and installing the Subanji.ttf font

moved some stuff around... added support for some small things... nothing really majorly noteworthy

first version of library submission and editing has been added to the site... get submitting!

iRank now calculates the CQ of any publically visible forum in the system... this will be handy if any new public forums are added in the future

fixed some stuff in the nav link generating code... the current page will now turn bold... unless the page is dynamic content via the library, in which case the Index link will bolden

updated the forum listings to be automated... any available forums at your rank level should now be visible

fixed a really stupid mistake in the calculations in the cq progress bar so it no longer runs backwards

fixed a long standing issue with the php version of url shorthand that was causing all _ to be replaced with spaces instead of just ones used in url shorthand

begun work on adding page-specific TITLE data to the site's content... this could take a while

commenting on news from the news post itself has returned! this version does not crosspost news into the forums, but, instead, gives you the ability to 'reply' to a news post as if it were a forum post... this starts a new thread using your reply... if a reply has already been posted, you are given a link to that first post

added cq progress bar to the roster and info sidebar... also tweaked the UI colors stuff... added an extra space between news posts... moved the sticked news to the new temporary "read me" that's now at the top of the nav sidebar

oh yeah... forgot to mention that .comic is back... not that it will ever get updated... but you can read the ancient funny, at least

in theory, the irank icons now display correctly on all major browsers... if it looks wrong... please post on the general forum

after disabling subanji globally, i have managed to make it cache correctly and drastically increase the overall speed of the site... this should also reduce the number of times you encounter timeouts

instead of lots of little updates over the past several hours: i've added irank... and the roster... some more tweaks to the way iranks are displayed will follow

massive overhaul of the library's indexing system... for now, everything in the library is shown on the main index

fixed an issue with the avatar renderer script that was having problems with avatars set by Trillian... i wish jabber vcards were standardized

fixed various css issues, including formatting of quoted forum text

added an "unread posts" counter to the forum links in the nav... preliminary testing indicates that it not only works, but doesn't slow down pageloads by more than 1/10 of a second

if you have Exodus, you can now set a sig via the "Personal Information -> Description" in the profile/avatar settings (or a client that sets the ORG->DESC values in your vCard)

forums are back... in a basic form... no longer read-only. if you break something, let me know on IRC

forums are back... almost. for the moment, they are read-only as i work out some of the bugs from importing the old forum code into v5

fixed some minor formatting issues with library articles and dynamic database-driven pages

the library is back... more or less... lots of stuff still needs to be done to it so articles can finally be submitted again

initial porting of the library code has begun... i still have to update all the rendering code function calls

fixed support for dynamic content based on 404 results... this paves the way for the return of the library

fixed an annoying little bug in the png rendering function that caused news icons to be forced to 64x64

various bug fixes in the news scripting system... things should be a little easier to use

remote image caching for news icons works once again... i'm on a roll tonight

heug ads are back... we needs teh monies

index now shows 7 most recent posts as it used to... dedicated "news" section for daily postins has also returned

java irc client is back and actually works now... hooray!

news posting now works... still some formatting and cleanup work needs to be done... it's potentially very breakable right now

added support for user levels - this promptly exposed problems with the imported news code... that's up next to be repaired

added support for session-based disabling of the subanji text feature

added changelog feature to document updates to the system programming

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