Any possibility that at some point we'll get an update that is actually informative? Like how far along is it (ie. 80%, 90%), ...

Despite what you may have heard, quantifying the completeness of a project like this is not exactly a simple process... nor is it exactly accurate. But if you pay attention to what has been said you'd get an idea for how far along the game is. It's playable, multi- and single-player maps are being tested for bugs and playability, animations are still being tweaked and completed... there's plenty of information to be had, as long as you're not waiting for someone to mash it up and spoon feed it to you.

... what new things we'll have (different gametypes), how many players online?, map balance (how many small maps vs how many large).

It's possible these kinds of things are still being worked on. As we get closer to release (whenever that may be) i'm sure we'll be given the skinny. Keep your pants on, relax, and pay attention.

I mean I love to hear about the pentathalon and all but I'd much rather have something that actually resembles an update.

And here i thought there was plenty of useful information in there. I mean, Frankie could always go back to not posting updates. Maybe that would be more to your liking. Then you wouldn't be bothered by the quality of information you were receiving.


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