Internet Relay Chat [IRC] 101 Basics

You've heard the talk, people are on IRC networks all over the net (hell, there is even a site dedicated to quotes from IRC conversations), and you want in on the action.

But just what are the basic requirements to get on an IRC Network anyway? And once you are there, what can you do? Lets see if some of these questions can be answered as simply as possible...

For the Subnova IRC Network (which is maintained, oddly enough, by there are two ways to get in on the IRC shenanigans. You can use the Java link off of the main page (in which case you would need to have Java installed).

Or you can download and install a Client onto your machine (there are many out there, for all platforms, some free, some are not). Some of the more popular clients are:
xChat Aqua

Once you have your client installed, you will need to tell it to connect to the Subnova server, (please read up on the client you are using to find out how to do this). All that is left now is to connect to the server and find a channel (or three) to hang out in.

There are some basic IRC commands that every user should know to make their time on a network that much more enjoyable:
  • /list This command will display a list of every channel on the network, making it easier (in most cases) to see where you want to go.
  • /join [channel name here] This command will connect your client to a specified channel on the network. /join #subnova
  • /nick [name here] This command will change your name on the network. /nick MorningStar
  • /me [action here] This command will let you 'emote' on the channel. /me waves to everyone in the room.
  • /msg NickServ register [password here] [email here] This command will register your name on the network, to prevent more malicious users from impersonating people. Hopefully it goes without saying that you would want your password to be unique, and at least slightly difficult to guess. Passwords ARE case sensitive, so make sure you remember what you capitalize. Attaching your email address is done for the purpose of emailing you your password, should you forget it. It is also good to point out that we respect your privacy, and email addresses will not be given to any third-party person. /msg nickserv register AlephIsARankWhore

That should get you up and running just fine for the basic needs of your average IRC experience.

The Subnova IRC network is open for use to any and all people. Should you wish to create your own channel to run for you and yours, simply ask, one of our IRCOpers should be around, active, and willing to help (and if you have an account with Subnova, you'll get person credit towards becoming a Citizen for starting active channels).

So log in and have fun!

For the Record, Subnova does not condone any illegal activity. Should it be discovered that such actions are occurring, those responsible will be denied access to the network, and reported to the proper authorities.
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