The Megg FAQ, revisited

Note: The Megg has been discovered. This document is a copy of the original FAQ, which was lost when Subnova's database crashed several months ago. This document serves as a historical piece only!

To learn how to find the Megg, please go to Meg's writeup.

Not since the first attempts to make it to the bottom of the shaft has Halo seen so many people flinging themselves to their untimely demises. But what is it all for? The majority of the HBO Forum posters have gathered together to work out a new mystery: The Megg.

But what is the Megg? Where could it be? How do we know it's even real? This article is meant to explain what we know so far.

Who is this Meg person, anyway?
Meg is a long time community member, hailing from the days of Myth. While she doesn't carry any direct association with Bungie (Read: Meg is not a Bungie employee), she is indirectly connected to Bungie through her boyfriend, Jaime Griesemer.

In the Beginning
It all began quite subtly, in a reply Meg made to the question "Have we found all the eggs in Halo?" Meg made it clear that we haven't:

"Yeah, no ones still found my Easter Egg yet."

When asked for more information about her Egg, Meg responded with:

Yeah well that should keep the kiddies (eg. Ross Mills) happy looking for it. It does exist, multiple people have seen it. Myself, of course, included. No hints given. You earn the egg.

However, after some prompting a month later, Meg released a little information:

AAAAAAAAAAAH. You are driving me nuts. No thats not the egg. Gah. My egg is action oriented and involves some gore. Come on now. Lest you forget it is MY egg. You didnt really think it would be that easy now did you?

It was then that forum frequenter Sep7imus issued the challenge, and dubbed Meg's egg "The Megg." And so, the hunt for The Megg began.

Clues and Confusion

With very little to go on, posters began trying to get more information regarding the egg out of Meg. Very little was said, until it was pointed out that Meg was mentioned in the special thanks. When asked about whether or not this had to do with her egg, she replied:

::sighs:: You clearly missed my humor. The BBs are items found in Seattle and Nashville. They are not eggs.

Just keep in mind Jaime likes me - a lot. "Like" is an enormous understatement. I also enjoy massive carnage in games. Blood and bullets make me smile.

Jaime refers to Jaime Griesemer, Lead Designer for Halo and Halo 2. It's a well known fact that the two are inseperable. Jaime has been known to post to HBO under the nickname of "Flawless Cowboy ," which also happens to be the name of a chapter in level 2 of Halo (the level titled "Halo," appropriately enough).

Then, finally, some serious clues. HBO forum newcomer Free at Last attempts to start some serious conversation in regard to the Megg. Pallor replies, but with a very, very cryptic message:

Carnage before. Impossible tasks as possible. One maker. Mathematics births gore. Devotion. Pain. Before you die, you see the Megg.

Since then, hell has broken lose on the forum. Everyone's got a theory, but few seem to be applying what is known about Meg and her egg to what they think. Some are looking way, way too deep into Meg's words. Others aren't looking at Meg's words at all. Some still don't know what an egg is, yet. Poor Meg can't even post without someone diving into every word, pulling out non-existant meanings when in reality she's flaming them.

On March 30th, forum regular Raptor suggested that the chapter of Halo titled "Flawless Cowboy" would be a good place to look for the Megg. Meg's replies, by this time, had switched from elusive writing to blunt graphics:

While she was on her Despair? rampage, Meg removed the level "Halo" from the list of suspects by using the following image in reply to this post:

Further information was made available by Gawyn, who replied to a query about the Megg being available on every level of the game:

"It's a certain level. And it's not ordinary because you die when you see it, and because it's devoted to her. Just because I said "you die when you see it" doesn't mean that you have to be dead to see it. The two are entirely different."

This idea was reiterated later by Meg herself when she posted:

"There are more ways to die than a fall.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see"

They lyrics are from Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen. The last line is particularly interesting, and seems to be the real reason behind the quotation.

The Megg strikes again! The HBO forum, desperate for more clues, finally got a bit of luck when Meg responded to a question regarding how many steps are required to reach the Megg:

"It's complicated. If by steps you mean individual actions, well, I don't have a hard and fast number. If you mean stages I can give a better reference. It involves time between stages and multiple tasks (tasks given to multiple actions). In other words, you will not find all triggers in one place."

In Summary

Meg has told us very little about where the Megg is located. Here is a list of the clues in one simple handful. It would be wise to see how these apply to your findings or theories before posting like a fool:

  • Meg is Jaime Griesemer's girlfriend

  • Jaime Griesemer (aka Flawless Cowboy) is a designer for Halo.

  • Meg would not lie, the Megg is real

  • The discovery of the Megg revolves around violence.

  • Discovery ends in your own death.

  • The Megg is not in the area called "Flawless Cowboy."

  • In fact, the Megg is not on the level Halo

  • Finding the Megg involves multiple stages/tasks/actions, or "triggers."

  • These triggers are not all in the same place.

And here are the vague clues Meg gave, in a list order:

  • Carnage before.

  • Impossible tasks as possible.

  • One maker.

  • Mathematics births gore.

  • Devotion.

  • Pain.

  • Before you die, you see the Megg.

  • Look up to the skies and see...

  • "It involves time between stages and multiple tasks (tasks given to multiple actions). In other words, you will not find all triggers in one place."

Happy hunting.