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Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 1/23 at 6AM Pacific for 3.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your f

Unlock the prizes of the past! The Phoenix Prize Pack is returning to Console for a week, starting today!

For today's 9th Anniversary Giveaways, Captains on PC can get free Universal Tech Upgrades!

We're making some updates to hair and skin textures in the game, which PC users will start seeing tomorrow.

The time has come for the wonderful creatures of the Tardigrade Adoption Agency to come home to you. You'll be able to get all five of them in the Lobi Store starting tomorrow on PC! And yes, e

It's another day of Anniversary Giveaways on PC! Today, you can grab five Phoenix Prize Packs for free in the C-store!

Participate in our anniversary events, and you can unlock the new Vulcan T'Pau Scout Ship!

It's time for the weekend during our week of giveaways, and you know what that means - Free T5 Ships!

It's almost time for our Ninth Anniversary Celebration on PC! Take a look at the events you can participate in, and some of the new rewards you can earn!

It's Day Two of our Ninth Anniversary Giveaways! Head to the Promotions Tab of the C-store on PC, and grab two Dilithium Mining Claims per account!

Quick note: The rollback change from being able to play any mission you want, whenever you want, is not likely permanent. As I mentioned on the stream tonight, the way it was working would lead to bra

Just to echo what I said on Twitter and was repeated here - we can't make the Charon. a) It's way, way too big (space station size) and b) CBS has said it's the only one of its kind, it was never made

Face the most difficult test in Starfleet this weekend on PC!

Hello, thank you for this report. Sorry for this inconvenience. We will have a fix for this with our anniversary launch on 1/23.

Command the brand new Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser, wield the Emperor's Sword, wear the uniforms of the Terran Empire, and more with the Emperor's Lock Box, coming with Mirror of Discovery!

The Terrans have formed a link with the enigmatic Pahvans. Find out how to stop them in the second episode of #MirrorofDiscovery, "Illusion of Communication!"

We've made some changes to the C-store with this morning's update. Some of them (you can see the Gamma Starter Pack upgrade even if you've already purchased both packs) are bugs! Here's some that aren

felisean wrote: » Oh i forgot, it doesnt show in the stats on ground either, so probably does not work their too Today's fix should have fixed both the ground and space portions of the trait.

PC maintenance is now complete! Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in game!

rangerrenze rangerrenze#6027 wrote: » >Resolved an issue that would cause lower ranks of a weapon firing mode to take priority over a higher rank of that

Captains on Xbox One and Playstation 4 can save 20% on everything in the Lobi Store this weekend!

Console Captains will be getting the chance to experience the Battle at the Binary Stars on January 15th!

Save 20% on Everything in the Discount Packs Section of the C-store on PC this weekend!

jcsww wrote: » Nothing for the Klingon's?! Like all anniversary ships, this ship is cross faction.

The Na'kuhl are invading on all platforms this weekend! Go to Red Alert! Get bonuses to your upgrades on all platf

The first episode of Mirror of Discovery takes you to the planet Pahvo!

It's time to announce the results of our #FoundryChallenge! Congratulations to XR-377!

Starting with our Ninth Anniversary Update, you'll be able to engage in Personal Endeavors, and work towards unlocking account wide stat increases!

Console Captains: Apologies for the incorrect date in the PC Infinity Lock Box blog. That blog has now been updated with the correct date for the launch of the Infinity Box on Console: January 15th.

I made some tweaks but they have to go through QA to make sure it doesn't break!

Hey folks, We're hoping to get some time on the content designers' schedule either before the end of the year or early next to look into this one. I'm leaving it open just in case someone throw

antonine3258 wrote: » I'm going to try really hard to be polite because I've only ever seen one complaint on the zone whenever it comes up in any discussion. This should not be considered new inform

We're bringing the changes from Crystalline Cataclysm to the regular TFO version!

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 12/18 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your

Maintenance is now complete! Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in game!

The Tholians are tightening their grip on all platforms this weekend. Go to Red Alert!

where2r1 wrote: » 1 sarvour0 wrote: » where2r1 wrote: » So, what is the Blue one that is laying down called??? The Skipper The Skipper???? Reference to "Gilligan's Island"? O

Quick heads up: The emails are being collected only by Perfect World, and ONLY for sending out the Tardigrade email updates. They'll never be used for anything else.

We're aware of the connectivity issues some players are having on all platforms and looking into it.

We're aware of the connectivity issues some players are having on all platforms and looking into it.

markhawkman wrote: » voodoopokey wrote: » garaks31 wrote: » the old Vaadwaur consoles can not be slotted on this ship !!! If so, then that's a bug. The Astika's console has already been

This week on PC is your last chance to get your hands on the Swarm Lock Box for a little while, so grab the technology of the Hur'q while you have the chance!

Captains on all three platforms can get bonuses to their R&D projects, and bonuses to any R&D boxes they open, this weekend! Remember: R&D boxes purchased now can open into a T6 Starship!

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow 6/8 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. What time is this for me? You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your feedb

We're switching this on this morning, and extending it until Tuesday. Sorry about that, folks.

Cryptic Studios is participating in Extra Life 2018, with a special event on December 8th-9th! See the developers play some of your favorite games, and help heal kids

The Fek'Ihri S'torr Warship is yours to claim in Q's Winter Wonderland - but can you handle her?

Q is ready to whisk you away to a Winter Wonderland! Unlock a new T6 Fek'Ihri ship, new christmas sweaters, pets, kits, and more!

Captains on PC can gain double the experience this weekend!

The Borg return to assimilate the galaxy on Xbox One and Playstation 4 this weekend! Go to Red Alert!

Until November 27th, you can save 25% on everything in the C-store on all three platforms, and the Key Ring Bundle has returned!

You can get a bonus when you charge for Zen until November 27th on PC! You can save 20-30% on Zen Bundles in the P

Both packs are now live in their respective stores!

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