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Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 6/25 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your f

The fun in the sun is returning on July 2nd, with an updated T6 Risian corvette, new space and ground emotes, new costumes and more!

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 6/20 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your f

It's finally time: Two of the most-requested ships from @startrekcbs are here! The Discovery Era Constitution and D7 are coming to PC on June 20th, and you'll have a chance to grab one until July 11th

Save 30% on Ship Bundles, Expansion Pack bundles and more!

It's time to announce the winners of our Snow Gear Fashion Contest! We got a ton of cool entries, but there were three that stood out.

Access the secrets of the dark side of the Federation, with the Section 31 Lock Box, coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 on June 25th.

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 6/13 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your f

ajm1067 wrote: » iamynaught wrote: » ajm1067 wrote: » All this talk of tokens. What I read is no weekend events. Which means no upgrade weekend or dilithium weekend, amongst others.

The items will still be reclaimable. They may move to a different location, but you'll still be able to claim them on all of your characters. Working on getting an answer to the account

Allright, since the only question I can see remaining has already been answered earlier in the thread, we're gonna call it done and head to Reddit. Thanks, folks!

joeykoric wrote: » Clarification. I have items in the Weekend event store currently (i.e. Sompek shield and the Mirror Phaser Dual Pistol) that can be reclaimed by any toon on my account. Now with th

Ten minutes left, and then we run to Reddit!

primar13 wrote: » ambassadorkael ambassadorkael#6946 wrote: » mjolldir wrote: » Since the weekend events is going away, will

l3eowulf wrote: » Is there any new tidbit of information you can share about the upcoming Halloween Seasonal Event? Kael: Only that it's unfortunately not on the cards right now. It was in pre

mjolldir wrote: » since the topic is also about the changes about the event system, in the future i am guessing the featured event will be the only one we will get apart from summer-winter, and the

mjolldir wrote: » Since the weekend events is going away, will the featured TFO events in the future also have sets? Jeremy: Entirely possible, and an idea that I'd like to explore. But a sing

lordakura wrote: » there so much stuff im actually missing from weekend events like the shield from sompack , i would love to get it for example what about events from the first weekend event are we

l3eowulf wrote: » Will the Arena of Sompek and/or Kobayashi Maru TFOs themselves, separate from the weekend events and rewards, ever return? Perhaps in a manner similar to Red Alerts? Jarro

foppotee foppotee#4552 wrote: » Kael, sorry if I missed it, but is this last hurrah close-out Weekend Event Store going out of business sale beginning this

mjolldir wrote: » What about the players that got the weekend event store gear? will they still be able to claim it on the whole acc, even on new toons ,or they will have to buy it later from the pho

lordmerc22 wrote: » I mean apart from the rewards itself - Sompek for example was fun. Are we going to see Sompek as part of another event? Kael: Nah, this is an AMA. We're just doing it here

primar13 wrote: » Would it at all be possible for you to retroactively change some of the older "Character Bound" 14 day unlocks to be Account-Wide Unlocks. Specifically for the item rewards. (Not th

l3eowulf wrote: » Will there be one last "Hurrah" of a weekend event this weekend? Or perhaps a 5 token buyout package in the Zen Store? Jarrod: No - this was designed so that people wh

phantomeight wrote: » Can you actually describe the end goal here? All I've seen are enigmatic bits and pieces here and there which is the worst way to go about this. Between release notes and anno

All right, folks, we're getting started here! I'm joined by Producer Jarrod Fisher, and Lead Systems Designer Jeremy Randall, and I'll be typing up their responses for you. The AC is currently

The thread is open, ask away and we'll see you in thirty minutes!

We've discovered the source of the authentication errors some players are experiencing and have implemented a fix, you should be able to log in again soon.

With the Discovery Legends Reputation, coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 with the Rise of Discovery, you can unlock the weapons, powers and more of the characters of Star Trek: Discovery! ht

Learn the events that made Ellen Landry the Chief of Security we saw in Season 1 of @startrekcbs, when #RiseofDiscovery comes to Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The first mission of #RiseofDiscovery, coming soon to Xbox One and Playstation 4, "The Plausibility of the Possible," will take Captains to Priors World following its liberation in "Operation: Ripost

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 6/6 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your fe

It's time for the Federation to strike back, and Console Captains can join in our newest Featured TFO, Operation Riposte!

The Crystalline Cataclysm is our next Featured TFO! Battle for access to Section 31 Mines, and to progress towards a free Tier 6 ship! We're also granting you the rewards of a great deal of eve

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance on all platforms tomorrow, 5/29 at 5AM Pacific for 6 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our PC patch notes here. Console will be

Lead Designer Al Rivera sat down with our friends at Priorty One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast last week to discuss The Rise of Discovery and more!

Console Captains can get their hands on the Command Dreadnought Cruiser bundle this week, with the Buran and the Qoj - and if you buy it as a bundle, you get the fleet version of one of the ships as w

We were ecstatic to have Rekha Sharma come in to the studio to record her lines for Rise of Discovery - and she was kind enough to sit down and answer some of your questions! https://www.arcgam

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance on all platforms tomorrow, 5/23 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours on PC and 2 hours on Console.(What time is this for me?) You can find our PC patc

The Tholians are tightening their web across Xbox One and Playstation 4 this weekend! Go to Red Alert!

The Borg are returning to the galaxy on PC this weekend! Go to Red Alert!

Hey folks, As of July 18th, 2019, Star Trek Online will no longer support any 32-Bit Microsoft Windows Operating System. This decision was made in order to improve game performance

We've seen the love for the new character select screen, so we want to give you a chance to win some prizes for sending us your best winter gear screenshot!

Console Captains can resurrect the prizes of the past for the next week, including brand new prizes like the I.S.S. Stadi Admiralty Card and the Breen Plesh Tral Raider, because the Phoenix Prize Pack

You could win a cabin on the Star Trek Cruise, amazing prizes from Steelseries, and every ship in the Zen Store!

Captains on PC can save on Lobi Store Items, Keys, and the Keyring Bundle for almost a week - just in time for the Rise of Discovery.

Starring Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma, the Rise of Discovery is now live on PC! Learn the backstory of Landry and Lorca before Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, command Tier 6 ships at any level, unlock

tazurensavulen wrote: » ambassadorkael ambassadorkael#6946 wrote: » Can you send us your dxdiag file? https://support.micr

Hey folks - I didn't realize "TRIBBLE" and "gays" were censored on the forum - from before my time. I know WHY, but I'm uncensoring them for now unless we get a flood of people being really immature and u

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 5/14 at 6AM Pacific for 2.5 hours on PC, and 2 hours on Console. (What time is this for me?) You can find our PC patch notes here.

Peril over Pahvo, Pahvo Dissension, Operation Riposte, and The Defense of Starbase One. These Discovery Task Force Operations will be returning with Rise of Discovery, with Advanced and Elite modes, a

The dark secrets of Section 31 and Klingon Intelligence are coming soon to PC - now learn what these ships can do under your command.

Update to what I told Badd: We're actually going to be bringing the token tracker back while the event is offline. Fix should be coming soon.

The Rise of Discovery brings the technology and ships of the dark side of Starfleet to you, Captains, with the Section 31 Lock Box!

Starfleet has been digging up technological wonders after the discovery of Yard 39. In our latest fiction blog, we discover that they aren't the only ones looking for century-old ships. https:/

pottsey5g wrote: » EDIT: I don’t understand the purpose of those Bellum tactical consoles. Not everybody has access to Spire consoles. Not everyone wishes to join a Fleet in order to gain acce

The newest featured TFO, Peril over Pahvo, is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 14th! You can unlock Lorca's Mirror Universe Jacket!

The second episode of #RiseofDiscovery, The Impossibility of Reason, will show players the path that lead Ellen Landry to being the woman we met in Season One of Discovery. https://www.arcgames

Soon, you'll be able to access the Discovery Legends Reputation, and gain costumes, weapons, kit modules and more inspired by the heroes of Star Trek: Discovery! Coming May 14th with the launch of Ris

The Phoenix Prize Pack is returning to PC this week, with all new prizes like the I.S.S. Stadi Admiralty Card, the Bajoran Interceptor, and the Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider! https://www.arcgam

Until May 6th, Duty Officer Packs purchased on PC have a chance to open into a T6 starship, including the Constitution Class, the Vaadwaur Juggernaut, and more! In addition, we're putting these

• Resolved an issue that prevented engineers who were Romulan, Dominion, Discovery, or TOS captains from using the console necessary to complete the accolade, "Facility 4028" accolade "Hologram Master

The first episode of #RiseofDiscovery, "The Plausability of the Possible," returns Captains to Priors World after its liberation in Operation: Riposte.

Under investigation. EDIT: Found some possible data issues, made a fix, submitted for testing.

Captains on PC can save 20% on ships until April 29th, including the brand new Buran and Qoj!

Captains on Xbox One and Playstation 4 can save 20% on services like Inventory Slots, Ship Slots, and a Lifetime Subscription this weekend!

We're incredibly proud to announce our next major update, Rise of Discovery, starring Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma. Find out all the details at PC Gamer right now!

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