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azrael605 wrote: ยป > @ltminns said: > Well, since these are 'Personal' Endeavors, to make them truly 'Personal', the Reroll Tokens should remain. Make it a matter of 'Personal' Honor to not

You can save 20% on R&D Packs this weekend - which have a change to open into a T6 Starship, including the new Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer!

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 3/21 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your f

The Tholians are tightening their web on the galaxy this weekend on Xbox One and Playstation 4! Go to Red Alert!

This weekend, you can gain bonuses to your R&D projects, and more materials from R&D boxes! Plus: Those boxes purchased during this event have a chance to open into a T6 Ship, including the ne

Crossing over from a dark universe, the Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer - the same ship Captain "Killy" commanded as the I.S.S. Discovery - could be yours in this limited time R&D Promotion! H

A Threat Assessment, as you requested, sir.

You've seen the items of the Operations Pack, now learn what these new ships can do under your command:

The Discovery Operations Pack is coming soon to Xbox One and Playstation 4! Get your hands on four new ships, a new look for the walker class, a combat tardigrade, two new bridge officers, two costume

The danger to Pahvo isn't finished yet. In our latest Featured TFO, Peril over Pahvo, Captains will face an invading fleet of enemy ships to defend this mysterious planet. https://www.arcgames.

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 3/14 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your f

The Tzenkethi are returning, and they mean to cleanse innocent worlds with their protomatter weapons on PC this weekend. Go to Red Alert!

We've made an update to the venerable Centaur class, and this new look will be free to anyone who owns the ship! Coming very soon on PC, and a little bit later on Xbox One and Playstation 4. ht

You can find the patch notes for this morning's console maintenance here:

This morning, we've released a FREE Mirror of Discovery theme for Playstation 4! You can grab it here, and show your allegiance to Captain Killy!

We've done a complete overhaul of the character creation system in Star Trek Online! You can find out more here:

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 3/7 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your fe

It's our final day of giveaways on Console to celebrate Mirror of Discovery and our Ninth Anniversary! Today, you can grab twelve inventory and bank slots!

Need to get your hands on some more Dilithium to power those starships? You can get two free Dilithium Mining Claims per account, right now in the promotions tab of the C-store. https://www.arc

Captains with Xbox Gold can claim a Verdant Sword, along with other great rewards, for free in the Xbox Store today!

It's time for Console to enter the Mirror of Discovery! Want to get your hands on the new items from the Emperor's Lock Box? We're putting everything in the Lobi Store 20% off, putting Keys 15%

We're teaming with ForFans ByFans to give you the chance to design Mirror of Discovery Star Trek merchandise, and win great in game rewards!

Console maintenance is now complete. Welcome to the Mirror of Discovery!

Captains on Console can participate in our Anniversary events to unlock the Vulcan T'pau Scout Ship, when #MirrorofDiscovery launches on March 5th!

By now, some of you have heard the unfortunate news that we're going to be sunsetting the Foundry on April 11th. I wanted to create a place where we can share our favorite memories of this innovative

On April 11, we are sad to announce that we will be sunsetting the Foundry system for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Join us for a livestream at 3pm PT today for more details.

It's time for another giveaway, Console Captains! Get your items to Gold with two Universal Tech Upgrades!

Captains on Console can bring the magic of Tardigrades into their lives with the launch of #MirrorofDiscovery on March 5th!

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for a free ship for our Console Captains to celebrate their anniversary! Grab a T6 Ferengi Nandi Warship from now until Sunday! https://www.arcgames.c

In the second episode of #MirrorofDiscovery, Illusion of Communication, face off against Captain Tilly to save the planet Pahvo!

It's the beginning of our week of Console anniversary giveaways! Get your hands on two spec points for free today!

Heads up folks: This is an update to a system most of you have likely never seen. It just means that if your account is flagged for suspicious activity, items you purchase will be account bound for a

The Phoenix Prize Pack returns on PC this week! Unlock the prizes of the past!

We're putting Lifetime Subscriptions on sale on PC for more than a month! Get your hands on new playable races, tons of unique ships, and much more!

Greetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 2/28 at 5AM Pacific for 6 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. =/\= We value your fee

Captains on PC can earn Bonus Marks this weekend just by playing content throughout the game!!

Captains on Xbox One and Playstation 4, you're needed to fend off the Elachi this weekend!

It's almost time for Captains on Xbox One and Playstation 4 to celebrate our ninth anniversary! We've got a ton of events and prizes to unlock, take a look:

The following extended maintenance will take place this week: Tuesday, February 26 5-11am PT: STO Xbox & PS4 When is this for me? Thursday, February 28 5-11am PT: STO PC When is this

In celebration of their 400th Episode, Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast came to Cryptic Studios and interviewed almost the entire development team. You can listen to those interviews here

Learn the power of the Styx Mirror Dreadnought Cruiser, part of the Emperor's Lock Box!

Could you get me your account info? Your gamertag, and any relevant character names.

The first mission in Mirror of Discovery takes you to Pahvo, the mysterious planet from Season One of Star Trek: Discovery.

Control the power of the Terran Empire, when the Emperor's Lock Box comes to Console on March 5th!

Maintenance is complete! Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in game!

Let us know your feedback on the new Pahvo TFO here!

PC Maintenance is now complete! Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in game! The anniversary event will be briefly switched off, but is not gone forever and will return for the extension

Console Captains can save 20% on Discount Packs this weekend!

The Mirror Universe invaders are attempting to control Pahvo, and only you can stop them in our latest Featured Task Force Operation: Pahvo Dissension!

The Borg are returning to assimilate the galaxy! Go to Red Alert!

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